Cake Price Guide

All of the cakes we make are bespoke to the requirements of each customer, which means we have to price each cake individually. The pricing below shows the cost of a basic square or a round iced sponge cake bases and tiers with guidelines as to how many people they will feed.

All icing figures, bespoke cake shaping and decoration are charged additionally and are dependent on individual requirements and the time taken to make. Pricing this way means we can truly make a bespoke cake to enhance your party, function or wedding.

Sponge Cakes – Available in Round / Heart / Square shapes – Iced with buttercream filling

The prices below are for an iced cake with a photo print or a decorated message.  Please contact us for pricing if you require icing figures, carved cakes or more complex bespoke decoration.

Size        Servings                                Cost

6 inch      14/18 portions                         £45
6 inch drip cake (5-6inch deep)             £55

8 inch      28/32 portions                       £55
8 inch drip cake (5-6inch deep)           £75

10 inch    46/50 portions                       £65
10 inch drip cake (5-6inch deep)         £85

12 inch    66/72 portions                       £80
12 inch drip cake (5-6inch deep)         £100

Fruit Cakes – Available in Round / Heart / Square shapes – Iced with marzipan layer

Prices do not include figures and bespoke decoration.

Size        Servings                  Cost

8 inch      48/64 portions         £60
10 inch    80/100 portions       £80
12 inch    112/144 portions      £100

Tiered Sponge Cakes – Available in Round, Square and Heart shapes

Iced with buttercream filling and assembled. Prices do not include figures and bespoke decoration

Two Tiers
Size                 Servings                 Cost

6 & 8 inch        42/50 portions        £120
8 & 10 inch      74/82 portions       £150
10 & 12 inch    112/122 portions    £190

Three Tiers

Size                    Servings                    Cost
6/8/10 inch        88/100 portions        £270
8/10/12 inch      140/154 portions       £340

Four Tiers

Size                          Servings                     Cost

6/8/10/12 inch        152/172 portions        £395

Individual cupcakes start from £2.20 each. Please contact us for more details on the wide variety of cupcakes we can provide.

Delivery is available for tiered cakes throughout Lancashire and Cheshire at an additional charge. Please contact us for a delivery cost.